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Thank You for all our clients who have given us Business Coaching Testimonials and feedback on our range of services, our Business Coaches, Business Consultants and Corporate Advisers.

Business Coaching Testimonial and feedback

Please read through the comments.  We value our Integrity and ask each client for feedback regularly to enable us to become the best we can be, improve our system effectiveness and efficiently and practice what we preach.

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Business Trainee

Hey John,
I’m glad to be working at X again (even if its just for a week covering reception, while X is on holidays.)
I got my letter and certificate of completion from the government the other day. Yay, its finally official.
I just wanted to thank you for being an awesome trainer.

Certificate III Business Trainee: C, Sunshine Coast

John's Knowledge is Vast and Creative

During my studies in 2002 & 2003 I required help from a business professional to complete my assignments.

I approached John who was only too happy to coach and mentor me through this process.

John’s knowledge is vast and creative and he ensured that all my requirements were met.

John has a knack of finding the things that aren’t working and offering suggestions to make them work more efficiently and effectively.

I would recommend John if you are in need of professional coaching.

Workplace Trainer & Assessor

Provided us with the Advice and Confidence

In 2008, being frustrated with work and our finances going around in circles. We consulted Coach John about a business idea my wife had.

Coach John provided us with the advice and confidence we needed to weigh up all aspects of starting a new business.

While being professional, Coach John explained all aspects of business in a very easy to understand way.

With so many businesses failing to get off the ground, I’m confident we can make an informed decision on the in’s and out’s of business.


Honesty & Integrity is Beyond Reproach

John has great wisdom and knowledge when it comes to business. He is very structured in his approach when pin pointing problems within business. His honesty & integrity is beyond reproach. I have no hesitation in referring John.

If you are looking for Accelerated Results…

If you are looking for accelerated results in your business or personal life, look for further. Within days, John has helped me to create strategies and systems that I know will propel my business to the next level and beyond. I have never felt so organised, optimistic and focused for success. I certainly will be highly recommending John to everyone I know.


Taken my business to a whole new level

As a Personal Trainer I understand the importance of getting to know the client through their strengths and weakness’s; to develop goals and strategies which will take them to the next level. It has been great working with John as this has been my exact experience. John was able to identify opportunities in my business where growth could be achieved and assisted by implementing strategies that has taken my business to a whole new level. The results have been great and I strongly recommend John as I believe he has played a vital role in the success of my business.

Michael Rankin
Personal Trainer

He Really Knows what he is About

John’s genuine desire to help and assist is evident. He really knows what he is about; what his core truth is; his values. That helped me feel comfortable to express my core truth and values. I love that he gave me some tools and processes to work with beyond the session, to help me get clearer about what it is I am working towards and why. He is persistent about locking in priorities, which helps pin a notorious star gazer and dreamer like me down to taking action. Thanks so much for the productive session!

Mullumbimby, NSW

Great Wisdom and Skills

I have known John Burkhardt … for over 4 years and I have found him to be dependable, honest, and responsible.

While working on a number of projects for the church, he easily worked with a group of people of various ages and skill levels.

He has showed great wisdom and skills in his knowledge with teaching, training and coaching business men and women to achieve their personal and professional goals.

He has consistently demonstrated his dedication to seeing tasks through to completion and I have no hesitation with recommending John…

Pastor Stuart Price – Senior Pastor
Spirit Life Christian Church

John is a Man of his Word.

On Purpose Business Consultants

I have worked with John in three capacities – in a joint venture planning personal development programs for male executives; as a client of mine in business development workshops and John has also helped me with SEO on my Significant Careers Website. John is fantastic at the detail, extremely caring and helpful and has exceeded my expectation in all my dealings with him. John is a man of his word. You can trust him to add great value to your personal life and business.

Edward Gifford Ph.D.
On-Purpose Partners Pty Ltd

Beyond the Academic Rhetoric.

John has a deep understanding of the real factors that drive business success beyond the academic rhetoric. I confidently recommend John to any businessperson who is ready to confront and overcome the fundamental issues standing in the way of their success at the highest levels.

David Beard, Managing Director
Coastsure Insurance Agency Pty Ltd

Many thanks John!

John Burkhardt is a true professional who provided me with specialised knowledge and guidance in building my business. John goes beyond the business savvy and understands people. This is what I needed. Many thanks John!

What John says he will do, he does!

FACE Communication Logo

John combines a high level of attention to detail, creativity and people skills that is a cut above most others. What John says he will do, he does. I have absolutely no hesitation of recommending John and his services.

Mike Francis, PPC, Brillionaires Pty Ltd & Founder of FACE Communication

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