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Recommended Reading

  • Anointed for Business by Ed Silvoso
  • Business by the Book by Larry Burkett
  • The Pillars of Business Success by Tony Gattari & Shaun Mooney
  • Lead Like Jesus by Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges
  • Blessing or Curse by Derek Prince
  • The Leadership Dynamic by Harry L. Reeder
  • 21 Tests of Effective Leadership by Larry Kreider

Other Books for reading

  • EMyth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber
  • EMyth Mastery by Michael E. Gerber
  • Your Brain at Work by David Rock
  • Quiet Leadership by David Rock
  • Personal Best by David Rock
  • The Answer by John Assaraf and Murray Smith
  • Instant Systems by Brad Sugars
  • Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich by Robert T. Kiyosaki