Business Renovation Program

Business Renovation Program

Accelerate your business profitability and gain control over your Cash-Flow with Coaching.theProduct “Business Renovation Program”.  This is a group business coaching format maximising the potential of changes within your business by sharing knowledge, skills and then applying them to your business.  We then empower you with a personal monthly business coaching session.

Business Renovation Program

  • 12 x Monthly – 1/2 day intensive workshop covering our unique “Business Renovation Program” business sections with practical application to your business.
  • Followed by 12 x monthly One on One coaching and Business Mentoring with your very own Small Business Mentor and Professional Business Coach.
  • Access to our team of professionals to support your business growth.




Our Business Renovation Programs are unique and limited:

  • To 12 business owners or managers maximum
  • Held in different regions in quality venues with lots of parking
  • Held monthly with supporting business coaching sessions
  • Provide and work with you developing systems and solutions that suit your business
  • High coach to attendee ratio in our Group Business Coaching Workshops
  • Allocated personal Business Coach contact and ongoing support
  • Access to our range of business professionals
  • Provide you with exclusitivity in your occupation in your area if you wish
  • Include ‘Free’ Gold Registration on the new MyBizLink directory and invitation to all events

What are the costs?

Business Renovation ProgramThe commitment is to a 12 month program to ensure that you as the Business Owner gets the most traction and results from the Business Renovation Program.

Payments are in advance and a discount is offered for quarterly or yearly payment.

  • Full Payment in advance of $9,405 (for 12 months) or
  • Quarterly payment in advance of $2,478 (for 3 months) or
  • Monthly payment in advance of $847

All prices include GST.

There are no other costs involved from a coaching perspective as we provide all resources and supporting templates etc.
Obviously costs you may incur include: Marketing costs, Graphic Designer fees, Website development costs, travel costs or other professional fees with bookkeepers, accountants and solicitors to implement your strategies.

We do look for low cost effective solutions to all of your business strategies to ensure the best use of your turnover and to maximise net profit.

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These Business Renovation Program Workshops are an ideal format for developing your Small Business with Professional Business Coaches in a Group Business Coaching environment providing a unique blend of coaching, consulting and mentoring backed up with effective and efficient resources.

We run Business Renovation Programs across the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Toowoomba and Darling Downs region regularly.  We will run them in other areas with enough committed support from local business owners.


What do we cover in the Workshops and Coaching?

A great question!  The workshops cover a broad range of topics but are ultimately driven by the group by what is needed at that time for their business to increase profitable cash-flow and net profit.

The areas covered include:

  • Financial Literacy – covering understanding of corporate governance, reading Profit & Loss Statements, understanding Break Even Points, Gross Margins, How to price jobs/products or services, reduce fixed expenses and much more!
  • Systems – the design and implementation of effective and efficient systems, how to quickly document them and train other staff in them.  Understanding business flow and how it affects everything within your business and how to control it. Identifying your ‘black box’ procedures and much more!
  • Marketing – how to design low cost marketing solutions perfectly matched to your business and ideal customers.  Understanding digital marketing and how this is changing the landscape of business today.  Learn how to identify the buying and education process of your customers and how to help them quickly make decisions about your products.
  • Sales – learn how to convert all that marketing into a win/win situation for your customer and yourself.  Learn the triggers to buying (not what has been taught) and understand how to develop long term customers who enjoy buying from you again and again
  • Strategy & Leadership – Rediscover the passion and reason you got into business in the first place.  Understand what mindset and approach you will need to take control of yourself and your business.  Understand what makes a great leader – you will be surprised how simple the answer to that is!
  • Administration – learn how the business administration system should work, how to streamline it and how to implement modern methods to maximise your efficiency without burning yourself out or driving you and everyone else crazy.

These are just some of the areas touched and as mentioned, the group drives the direction of the workshops.  We combine areas we know you need to grasp and apply whilst having the group also work on important and critical items within their businesses during the workshops.

The coaching sessions are all about you and are driven by your priorities (which we assist you in identifying).  You have 60 minutes of targeted coaching/consulting to work on your next strategy, outline the action steps and start to implement them.


7 Reasons You’ll get Faster Results with Coaching.theProduct

  1. Exceptional Track Record – You’ll benefit from years of experience from coaching a diverse range of Small Business in every Industry sector around Australia.  We have an unique team and set of alliances to gather relevant information quickly.  See the testimonials page to learn more.
  2. Leading the way – You’re guaranteed the best results as Coaching.theProduct leads the field based on results for businesses just like yours.  You’ll have access to the exclusive ‘Small Business Graphic Equalizer’ that has been specifically designed for you, the Small Business owner.
  3. Business experts who only work with Small Business Owners – We are not involved with corporate or global wining or dining.  We are focused on supporting Small Business owners who have the desire and drive to be the very best they can be and stay at the top of their game.
  4. We focus on the results YOU want – Our coaching is based on neuro-leadership models which means that we focus on YOUR goals and then maximise achieving these through application of our SBI tools, education and application within your business.  This will help you make more money, work less hours AND increase the value of your business allowing you to begin to invest in other assets and create wealth.
  5. Tools that work – You’re give specific tools and strategies to move you and your business towards your clarified goals.  We have cherry picked the best business models and tools to deliver to you the most efficient and effective way to achieve sustainable traction in your business.
  6. We work with a winning mindset – No walking on hot coals or yelling at the mirror.  We assist you to choose strategies that work for you to achieve your personal and business goals.  Nothing breeds success like success.  Once you have a taste again and reignite your passion, you will be unstoppable!
  7. Reality based strategies, not theory – You’ll benefit from real life, tried and tested strategies to help you gain more control in your business and enjoy the lifestyle you and your family truly deserve.  No text book or lecture room theories here.

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